INHERE is working to promote diversified organic agriculture in the project area for better land sustainability, increased food and nutrition security and increased marketability of small surplus produce. Third party certification is undertaken on behalf of farmers for which an internal certification system (ICS) has been set up. Entire villages have been certified following a ridge to valley approach to prevent contamination. Collection and promotion of traditional seeds, more resistant to changes in weather conditions due to climate change, is being encouraged. Farmers are encouraged to produce and use on farm inputs. INHERE has promoted organic processing centres in which local produce is bought and processed into branded products for sale in domestic and external markets.

INHERE has been encouraging and providing trainings for mushroom raising, fruit processing, beekeeping, poultry keeping and various other on and off farm activities including promotion of eco- tourism.

Two campuses with training facilities and demo units of organic agriculture, vermin compost, liquid manures and growth promoters, bio dynamic preparations, bio gas, poultry, dairy, fishery and fruit and forest plant nurseries are maintained. Meetings and trainings are organized for villagers and teams from other development organizations, government, non government, national and international. Sustainable Livelihood Creation is a larger goal of INHERE. Local knowledge of the people are identified and capacity building sessions are organized for knowledge enhancement on how to turn the skills into a valuable source of livelihood. Social Enterprise development has been the motive and the process of forming farmer co-operatives are being planned and will be implemented soon.